A1-2. Casolt - Nucet
Marcaj: banda rosie
Dificultate: medie/ridicata

The track starts from the village of which you can observe the Carpathians Mountains appearing to the bend of hills. The track crosses then follows a stream mandering at the bottom of a valley.

A few kilometers after, you turn on the right toward a forest. You then slowly go through tall trees growing on a ground of greenness. Further, you can notice that the forest is clearing and the Transylvanian hills become visible on the left during a few meters while crossing a glade.

The last step climbing to the top of this part of the track allows you to experience one more time the greenness of the Transylvanian forest.

At the top of the hill, oak trees disappear to let the view over the Făgăraș Mountains burst into your eyes. Majestic masters of the valley, those peaks dominate the villages Avrig and Cārta.

The last part of the track is weaving to Nucet, going along sheep herds, hares and horses. The village arises at the bend of green hillock.